Robotics Club

mindstormwebLEGOs and robots are a perfect mix; in this club we’ll be using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot kit to design, build, and program robots to perform, compete, and amaze! The Mindstorms software teaches basic programming and robotics concepts in an easy-to-learn and kid-friendly environment. Students will collaborate in small groups, working together to design and build in an atmosphere of friendly competition. Students need no prior experience with LEGO Mindstorms, or computer programming in order to attend.

 Age: 9+

Date: Fridays

Time: 3:30-5pm

Price: $140

Runs during the school year. Club won’t run:

Registration Link
Feb 2014Register here!
Mar 7 - 28 2014Register here!
April 11 - May 2 2014cancelled
May 9 - 23 2014*cancelled
May 30 - June 13*cancelled
* please note that these are three week sessions instead of our regular four.