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MakersFactory is a 3D learning solutions company that offers classes, products and services to educate students, teachers and communities in 21st century skills.


MakersFactory is uniquely qualified to teach 3D Learning because our 3D fabrication and education facility, filled with 3D design tools, printers and game-based learning technology systems (along with the students and teachers who come for classes every day), provides a living lab where we test and refine products, services and training.


Here is a list of our classes, products and services for 3D Printing, Fab Lab and Game-Based Learning:

Education Solutions
We provide technological enrichment classes and events to kids of all ages:
We provide teacher training, lessons and technical products and support:
Professional services to business, inventors and hobbyists:
Clubs for kids!
MakersFactory 3D Learning
3D and 2D CAD Design
Adult 3D Design Classes
Fab Lab
3D Prototypes
Private or Group Tutoring
GBL Cube a game server for game-based learning
Laser Cutting
Group or Private Tutoring
Intro to 3D Printing
Private Events
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Game Design
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