STEAMcloud Educational System

MakersFactory is a 3D Learning Solutions Company offering products and services to enhance the education process. Inviting students, teachers and communities to participate in 21st century education. We have developed a STEAMcloud educational technology system, influenced by five years of operating STEAM-enhanced education using 3D design tools, printers and game-based learning (GBL) technology.

About STEAMcloud

The STEAMcloud removes the need of in-school technology expertise to implement a digital STEM/STEAM enrichment program. Our solution uses a local application server fitted inside a small box that is ready to be used by students.

STEAMcloud system supports most applications such as Minecraft game server, while our default MakerSpace World runs on top of the Minetest Game Engine. For schools without technology expertise MakerSpace World offers an engaging game designed to be played by students with minimal school staff support. The system offers multiple months worth of user-customized STEAM enrichment projects.

The STEAMcloud is offered either configured for the classroom or an afterschool camp:

  • The classroom version has build-in STEAM library designed to assists teachers in enhancing curriculum and student engagement through multiplayer game-based learning.
  • Afterschool version is focused on delivering its instructional information from within a game so that the student experience is self-contained and self-managed.

The STEAMcloud hosts its own Wi-Fi, without the need for a school IT network, unsafe Internet connections, as well as removing the need for online student accounts. This makes our system a kid-safe and much easier to operate. The STEAMcloud system supports up to 40 concurrent students; this collaborative environment allows the class to participate interactively in the GBL education process.