Minecraft Hacking Club


Ever wanted to create your own in-game items for Minecraft, like blocks, tools, or armor? At the Minecraft Hacking Club, you’ll be able to invent all these things and more, coding your own customized version of Minecraft! By creating a Minecraft mod (short for “modification”) you can forge your own powerful, never-before-seen tools and armor; cook up your own food creations; and even shape your own Minecraft world generation! Minecraft mods are made through Java coding, but don’t worry, you don’t need to have any coding experience to join.

Each month-long course repeats a four-session curriculum; therefore, repeat students will be revisiting familiar material.

Please note: Students we receive their complete .jar file by request at the end of the club. They can upload this to their Minecraft game at home to use their custom items.

Age: 10-13
Time: 4 Mon. 3:30-5
Dates: 3/2-3/23, 4/6-4/27, 5/4-6/1 (no class 5/25)
Price: $142 early bird – $150 regular
Register: Registration is available through the Cabrillo College Extension Program. Register Here.