Minecraft / MinecraftEdu Basics

Quick Start

quickstarticonThis lesson is designed to get even the newest of players up to speed on the basics of Minecraft! It covers movement controls, inventory management, crafting, and some basic tips for playing the game and playing it well. Download:

Server Startup and Administration

serverstartupiconThis lesson is designed for teachers, to introduce them to the MinecraftEdu server tool and its operation. It covers basic tasks such as starting and taking down the server, changing maps, navigating the teacher menu, and performing basic administration. Download:

Creative Mode and MinecraftEdu Blocks

creativeblocksiconThis lesson is designed for teachers, to introduce them to Minecraft’s “Creative” mode and the set of special blocks added by MinecraftEdu. It covers student management techniques such as creating teleport stations and using Barrier, Build Allow and Disallow, and Info blocks. Download:

Build Tools

buildtoolsiconThis lesson is designed for teachers, to teach them about the build tools in MinecraftEdu. These tools allow teachers to build things faster and with more precision than they would be able to build them manually, and aids greatly in lesson plan creation. Download:

Introduction to Scoreboard

scoreboardiconThis lesson is a tutorial for using the “scoreboard,” a built-in feature of Minecraft that allows lesson plan designers to track certain values as students play. Objectives such as points, health, and other values can be tracked, and players can be arranged into teams. Download:

Before you Buy

Download this PDF to plan for a MinecraftEdu Server

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