Junior Minecraft Club

jrminecraft2Who says you have to be over 9 to play Minecraft? We know there’s plenty of youngsters 6-8 who’ve joined the Minecraft revolution and now, by popular demand, we’ve started a club at MakersFactory just for them.
Want to learn the secret to creating the biggest and best super-construciion in Minecraft? It’s all about teamwork! In this club, you’ll join a team of Junior Builders to learn about creating a blueprint, keeping track of tasks, and working in a shared space towards a shared goal. Are you used to the tablet version of Minecraft or new to Minecraft entirely? No problem! Our friendly Minecraft teachers are ready to help you learn the ropes, so your mouse and keyboard skills can grow as fast as your buildings do! Each month-long session is designed to stand alone, tackling different projects every course, with no prior attendance required.
Age: 6-9
Time: 4 Wed. 1-2:30
Dates: 3/4-3/25, 4/8-4/29, 5/6-5/27
Price: $142 early bird – $150 regular
Register: Registration is available through the Cabrillo College Extension Program. Register Here.