Junior Minecraft Club

minecraft-robot-towerwebWho says you have to be over 9 to play Minecraft? We know there’s plenty of youngsters 6-8 who’ve joined the Minecraft revolution and now, by popular demand, we’ve started a club at MakersFactory just for them.
In the Junior Minecraft club, youngsters learn to navigate both “Creative Mode” and “Survival Mode”. Creative Mode allows unlimited access to Minecraft’s collection of cubes. They will also build cool architectural structures, design obstacle courses, collaborate with their group to raise a Superconstruction and learn lots of pro tips for the game. The pixel sky is the limit.
PLEASE NOTE: New students may join at any time.
Age: 6-8
Time: Wednesdays, 1:00-2:30pm, Classes won’t run 11/26/14 (the day before thanksgiving)
Acitivity Codes: #17987 for 9/17-10/8, #17988 for 10/15-11/5 and #17989 for 11/12-12/10
Price: 145.00/4 weeks Resident
This class is held at the MakersFactory facility with registration held by Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation - please sign up at the Santa Cruz Parks & Recreation website.