Computer Programming Club


Computers are all around us, and knowing how to use and program them is arguably one of the most useful and rewarding skills to learn. In this MakersFactory club, you’ll be introduced to computer programming from the ground up; learning some simple and powerful programming languages and developing skills that will prove useful in the modern age and beyond! We’ll use computer programming to design:

  • Simple games such as Pong and Space Invaders
  • Amazing trinkets and visualizations
  • Useful programs to simplify your life

No experience with computer programming is required and each month’s worth of sessions will be a stand-alone set of lessons, so jump in at any time if you feel like computers are here to stay!

Age: 9-12
Dates: Every Wed
Time: 3:30 to 5:00
Price: $140/month (four sessions) Clubs won’t run: Nov 25-29, Dec 23-Jan 3, March 31-Apr 4, May 26 (Memorial Day)

Registration Link
Feb 19 - March 12 2014Register here!
March 19 - April 16 2014Register here!
April 23 - May 14 2014Register here!