About Us

MakersFactory is a 3D learning company that offers classes, products and services to educate students, teachers and communities in 21st century skills.

MakersFactory is a 3D learning company committed to advancing the use of technology in education for students, teachers and communities worldwide. We are building a future where teachers engage their classes using a hands-on design iteration process and students acquire visuospatial reasoning skills – manipulating objects in space to create dynamic structures. The design process ensures that students acquire deeper learning, learn from failure, and become persistent and innovative thinkers.

Competitive Advantage
MakersFactory is uniquely qualified to create 3D and game-based learning solutions for schools because our 3D fabrication and education facility, filled with 3D design tools,printers and game-based learning technology systems (along with the students and teachers who come for classes every day), provides a living lab where we test and refine products, services and training.

3D Technology is a disruptive technology that is transforming every industry, including education. MakersFactory has been offering 3D Design and Print Fabrication services and teaching Fab Lab classes since 2011. Because of our experience, MakersFactory is uniquely qualified in developing Fab Lab and Game-Based Learning curriculum and teaching classes using 3Dimensional visualization and design tools.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) require a conceptual shift in teaching and learning because science and engineering will be integrated into the standards so students can learn about the principles of engineering and engineering design processes. MakersFactory understands the time and technical constraints for schools and teachers to meet this challenge.  The MakersFactory 3D Learning™ Platform provides a wealth of lesson plans using hands-on, interactive and engaging tools like 3D printing, laser cutting and MinecraftEdu, where the process of problem-solving and design teach proficiency in the Next Generation Science Standards as well as 21st Century Skills and a deeper understanding of concepts in cross-curricular lessons.

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