Video Game Design – FPS

Storm_IngameShootmania Storm is a new multi-player FPS (First Person Shooter) by Ubisoft that emphasizes customizability and user-created content. We will be using the built-in map editor to design new maps and levels for students to play with friends, or even submit to the wider internet. The groundbreaking ShootMania® features unique laser weapons and innovative game mechanics that will keep students engaged— without the violence typically associated with FPS games.

PLEASE NOTE: Students are required to either have purchased Shootmania Storm prior to the camp or provide a $18.00SM materials fee to create their own account. Please show up fifteen minutes early if you need the software installed on your laptop. Students must have a valid email-address. There are a limited number of makersfactory laptops available on a first come first serve basis, please check the registration link to see how many are left.

For kids aged 9-12

Feburary 15 2014, 1pm-4pm

Click Here to Register!If you need to reserve a laptop please select the ticket type “LAPTOP RESERVE”. If you do NOT need to reserve a laptop please select the ticket type “NOLAPTOPRESERVE”

Price $72 (excludes possible materials fee)