Rapid 3D Prototyping

Custom Visualization Solutions for Business Innovation


3D Printed and Laser Cut Prototypes


MakersFactory provides custom fabrication for the most demanding commercial environments. Our range of 3D printers and cutters meets needs of the most detailed business presentations.

Design Prototypes

3D print concept models
Functional prototypes
Presentation models

Design Services

Create models and prototypes
For design of critical elements

Design Software

Easily convert CAD data into 3D

Models and objects

Our 3D printers produce physical color models quickly and accurately from digital data. 3D printing is a valuable part of an iterative design process. Our technology creates solid

models from digital data, layer by layer, turning your concepts and ideas into models and prototypes to examine and evaluate. We also laser cut wood and acrylic models as well as providing 3D computer rendering and animation services.