Architectural Models

Modeling Solutions for Architects

MakersFactory provides custom fabrications for the most demanding commercial environments. Our family of 3D printers meets the needs of specialized architectural applications.


We can create 3D printed architecture up to 15X10X8 inches in size.

Our Capabilities include:

Design Prototypes:

3D print concept models

Functional prototypes
Presentation models
Evaluating and refining designs

Increase Innovation!


Create models and prototypes
Design of critical elements


Reduce development costs!


Easily convert GIS into 3D designs

Landscape and cityscape models

MakersFactory helps win new business!

Our 3D printers produce physical models quickly and inexpensively from CAD and digital data. Our technology works by creating a 3D physical model from digital data, layer by layer, turning concepts into real, physical models to examine, evaluate, and present.