Reflecting on MakersFactory’s first two months

January 10, 2012

Chris Yonge, co-founder of MakersFactory, took a moment to reflect on the first two months. He writes:

Over the last two months MakersFactory has taken Santa Cruz into the third dimension. Now our community can laser cut card and wood, print three dimensional objects, make vinyl graphics for windows and vehicles, create computer animations, and – very soon – learn electronics and build robotic devices.

Because all the devices that do this work off simple computer files it’s not only possible but easy to make not just one item but twenty or a hundred – opening the door to starting your own business or producing creative work on a larger scale than was possible before.

Conventional engineering shops with cutting machines based on linear and rotary motion can’t produce even simple forms like a curved hole in a block of plastic. Now, with 3D printers, anyone can – cleanly and safely. Inventors, kids, artists, and creative professionals can find new solutions to old problems – or simply have fun exploring these new technologies. And MakersFactory is based on free, open source programs that can be used anywhere at no cost.

Best of all, we’re building an exciting, vibrant community of people who want to learn and to teach, to make and to share. Santa Cruz is an amazing place, filled with amazing people. Meet them at our classes, our ongoing events, such as our monthly MakersFactory MeetUp, our weekly drop-in MakersLab, our monthly Meet MakersFactory, or at any number of special events such as “Free Membership for a Day” on Saturday, January 21, 10am-4pm or our Ribbon Cutting on Wednesday, February 1, 4-6pm.

Unleash your creative potential, and we’ll do our best to keep up!

Chris Yonge

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