Minecraft – Mods

toomanyitemsFollow in Notch’s footsteps and make your own Minecraft mods using the Minecraft Forge API and the Eclipse Java IDE! Add custom blocks and behavior, new items and recipes, and eventually even brand new mobs! This workshop will lay the foundation for Minecraft mod development, along with intermediate programming techniques specific to Java. Prior experience with programming (such as previous MakersFactory classes) is recommended, and prior Java (or Processing) experience is a plus!

PLEASE NOTE: Students are required to bring a laptop and have a valid Minecraft account already set up before coming to class. There are a limited number of MakersFactory laptops available, please check the appropriate below to see how many are left.

5/5 MakersFactory laptops left.
Ages: 13+, 1pm-4pm
Click Here to Register! Price: $90