Minecraft Game Design Club

Ever wanted to design you own “Adventure Map”, PVP Arena or parkour course in Minecraft? In this club, we’ll work as a team to design a custom Minecraft game world! Create a thrilling game-within-a-game to share with your friends and family! To really make your game a unique experience, we’ll cover powerful design tools such as:

  • Resource Packs – add custom are, sound and music to Minecraft
  • WorldEdit – rapidly change massive areas of a Minecraft world
  • WorldPainter – to sculpt mountians, carve rivers and raise forests with just a few clicks
  • Command Blocks and Redstone – to devise complex in-game contraptions

Age: 9-12

Time: Thursdays, 3:30-5

Activity Codes: None yet.  Sessions run: Sept 18 РOct 9, Oct 16 РNov 6, Nov 14 РDec 12

Price: $145.00 Resident/4 weeks

This class is held at the MakersFactory facility with registration held by Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Рplease sign up at the Santa Cruz Parks & Recreation website.