Minecraft Club

minecraftcampclubwebTake your minecrafting to the next level with MakersFactory Minecraft Club! Plan and design massive constructions, build elaborate Redstone contraptions, work as a team and build a world all your own. The club is entirely student-led so each class will be completely different as students decide collaboratively how and what to create each time. Instructors will facilitate organization and operate as “GMs” to make sure each student’s ideas can be fully and safely realized in the Minecraft world. At the end of the club, students will have the option to choose one of their creations for 3D printing for an additional materials fee, so that they can take home a physical copy of their work.

 New students may join at any time.

Age: 9-12.

Price: $140 Resident or $176 Non-Resident

Clubs won’t run: March 31-Apr 4, May 26 (Memorial Day)

Register with Santa Cruz Parks & Rec Here

Date: Thurdsays 3:30-5pm, Activity codes are:

#17083 for Jan 30- Feb 20,

#17084 for Feb 27- March 20,

#17085 for March 27- April 24

#17086 for May 1- May 22.