MFY: In The Works

November 6, 2012

Welcome to the first blog posts of many covering the projects we have worked on for the week!

Anderson-McKelvey Architects

This project took about two months to complete but was well worth the effort. We worked on laser cut stairs and the 3D printed buildings for this architectural model. Photography credit goes to Daniel Wilson Photography ( and architectural conception by Anderson McKelvey Architects (

MFY Open Friday

We featured Greg Klein’s arduino robotics at our MFY Open Friday free event. He showcased his quad-copter, clocks and other interesting gadgets he built himself.

O’Neil bust trophy for the Coldwater Classic

We can’t fully reveal this project yet but here are a few shots of the inside and finishing. We built the 3D model, printed it in ceramic powder and are working on finishing it in gold leaf and sealant.

Let us create your next trophy or architectural model! More later. -L.

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