MakersLAB – weekly Friday drop-in, 4-6pm

Exploring 3D scanning technologies — Every Friday 4-6pm!

Come by and get yourself/an object/something else cool scanned! 

Also, Dr. Juergen’s new ScanArt website is pretty awesome.

About MakersLAB (in general):

Meet Dr. Jurgen Kienhoefer, founder and CEO of Wireless Cables Inc., a Santa Cruz company that makes long range Bluetooth products for over 8 years. Juergen has pioneered the first really long range Bluetooth products which is now being used by many different products that require to go beyond the 10m range limit. Juergen has experience in industrial housing design for injection molding, electronic circuit design, high frequency electronics, wireless embedded systems and software development.

Drop in to MakersLAB! We’ll be open each Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. If you want, bring your own laptop and your design for questions, comments and help and draw from Juergen vast experience and resources in all areas of product development.
  • Weekly, Fridays, 4-6pm
  • It a Free event!
Questions? Contact us.