Game-Based-Learning Cube

3d GBL

The MakersFactory Game Based Learning Solution is our GBL Cube

The MakersFactory GBL Cube is a server that delivers content-rich, hands-on Game Based Learning (GBL) education tools to teachers wanting to use games in the classroom at a low cost. The portable, pre-configured server is MinecraftEdu ready and supports up to 30 students in a variety of network environments with minimal to no impact on existing network infrastructure. Game play is possible through existing Ethernet LAN, existing Wi-Fi LAN or the server can broadcast it’s own LAN for classrooms with no network access.

datasheettunbnailThe GBL Cube server bundle extends the capabilities of MinecraftEdu by providing free lessons in a wide range of subjects that meet targeted Common Core standards, as well as training for teachers to learn MinecraftEdu and create their own lessons.


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District and School Administrators

  • Easy Evaluation
  • Low Cost Implementation
  • Minimal to no impact on existing network resources
  • Start using in your After School Program and after training bring into classroom

In the Classroom

  • Integrated in-game exercises train teachers as they play Minecraft
  • Free lessons covering topics ranging from biology, physics and geography to civics, history and writing.
  • Teachers learn how to create worlds with custom mechanics, features and objects.
  • Students develop critical thinking skills and control their game choices
  • Teachers administrate the game and use results to assess student learning

After School

  • Students are excited to learn in a Game Based Learning environment
  • Server is closed and secure to keep students safe and free of interacting with strangers


Before you Buy

Download this PDF to plan for a MinecraftEdu Server

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