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Soquel Elementary 4-5 graders build school in MinecraftEdu

Soquel Elementary SchoolUsing maps and a physical tour of the space, the 4th and 5th grade students at Soquel Elementary School, measured their school.



Using the actual dimensions, students converted to metrics and then built the school in-game using bMCEsoquelscreenshotlocks. This was just one of several lessons in the after school program.



Once the school was built, we printed the school MinecraftEdu file on our 3D printer. Students learn measurement, scale, 3D visualization and manipulation, engineering, and 21st Century Skills in this process.SoquelElementary3DPrint


MakersFactory GBL Cube lesson plans, world files, handouts, and worksheets can be found here!

MinecraftEdu Basics

These lessons teach the basics of Minecraft and MinecraftEdu, including how to play the game and some of its more advanced features.


The Math Lessons teach Common Core mathematics subjects for Grade 3 and above.

Earth Sciences

The Earth Science Lessons teach concepts of geography and geology, utilizing the Minecraft landscape.

Computer Science & Robotics

The ComputerCraft Lessons teach concepts of computer programming and robotics using the Minecraft ComputerCraft Mod.

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