GBL Success Stories

Testimonials from Teachers:

“I can use this to teach common core. The kids build in the lesson, use the math schools and then write about it.”  ~ First Grade Teacher

SuccessMinecraftEdu“5 Stars out of 5 Stars. Really Fun!”  ~ Teacher

“I enjoyed the self paced guide because it allowed me to play more.” ~ Teacher

“Coordinates lesson – x and y – can be used at the first grade level.”  ~ First Grade Teacher

Testimonials from parents of children attending our Minecraft camps:

“Somehow, my introverted kid got involved in team play without worrying about it. Hurray!” ~ Parent

“My son learned new things…loved the instructors and the program.”  ~Parent

“It gave my child new understanding of Minecraft. The instructor was very knowledgeable.”  ~Parent

“Kept my kid engaged for the whole week with new discoveries every day.”  ~Parent

“My son loves Minecraft and got to do what he loves with other kids and not on his own!”  ~Parent

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