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Instituting MinecraftEdu into the classroom is a huge technical challenge and time commitment for over-extended teachers. Among other issues, the following are the biggest problems teachers face:

Identifying the software and hardware needed for successful installation and smooth graphic rendering.
Technical skills are needed to build the server, such as installing software and…Current users are only 5% successful at implementation.

Hardware specific challenges include:

  1. How much RAM does the server need?
  2. How much hard drive space does the server need?
  3. What kind of network card does the server need?
  4. Does the server need wifi capability?

Once a teacher has identified and order the server, setup becomes a challenge:

  1. Was the server ordered in parts? If so, the teacher must assemble all the parts.
  2. The teacher must choose and install an operating system.
  3. The teacher must install Java
  4. The teacher must install and drivers required.
  5. Does the teacher have a Minecraft Edu account? If not they must set up a MinecraftEdu license and it’s associated accounts, one per computer.
  6. Does the teacher have internet in the classroom? If not, the user must take the server to a site with internet access.

Software and licensing challenges include:

  1. Once the user is linked to MinecraftEdu, they must fill out an application.
  2. If the user has credentials at an educational institution, then they will have to wait on a confirmation email to be sent to them. If they are not credentialed, they are not allowed to by MinecraftEdu.
  3. Once Minecraft Edu is successfully installed, and they wish to download a Minecraft Edu lesson plan, they must make sure they have internet in the classroom, download, and install the file.
  4. Does the teacher have an external map available for their lesson? If so, they may being to plan and build the Minecraft world. If not, they must download the map file, extract the zip into the worlds folder and confirm that extracted files are properly distributed.
  5. Does the Minecraft Map file come with a lesson guide? If not, the teacher must take time to explore the in-game world to find the student goals and flow to document the steps that students need to take. The teacher then creates her own lesson plan, worksheets for the students, external videos and diagrams to use during the lesson and finally an assessment plan/test for post-lesson.
  6. Do any of the lessons require mods? If so, the teacher/administrator must find the mod one of the many sites where mods are hosted. They must avoid false “download” links planted on a site as advertisements. Once they download the actual mod, they must import the mod to the server and clients using the MinecraftEdu mod manager.

Once ALL of the above are completed, a teacher can run ONE lesson, that’s right! Only one! Think of all the time and money invested up to this point.

We have found through our research in both the process and testing teachers that installing and implementing Minecraft Edu this way does not work for them. Obviously, from the detailed list above, once can see it would take an already overworked teacher far too long to actually get Minecraft Edu running for their students. Secondly, most teachers don’t have the technical skills to even begin to identify the hardware they need or to install the software and hardware. Third, teachers not only don’t want to have to create lesson plans on top of all of that, but they simply don’t have the time. You can see how many barriers to entry that steer teachers and administrators away from even thinking about instituting GBL into their classroom. That’s where MakersFactory comes in!

When you receive the GBL Cube, you power it up, connect from the teachers computer and choose your World Files(lessons). It is truely than Simple.

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