High-Tech + Hands-On = Saturday Workshops

September 27, 2013


Saturdays just got a whole lot more fun. And by fun, we mean interactive, collaborative, educational, hands-on activity-based fun using the latest technology. Activities like “Interactive Animation using Scratch and PicoBoard” (this Saturday’s class) or “Introduction to 3D Animation” using Blender (next Saturday). Workshops that will blow your mind they’re so riveting! Workshops that are unique, cutting-edge and (likely) just down the street from you.

What you need to know:
Days: Saturdays
Place: MakersFactory space in downtown Santa Cruz
Time: 1-4pm
Cost: $90
Ages: 9-12

Upcoming Topics include: Video Game Design, Interactive Costume Design, Electronics, Inventing Instruments, Robotics and Introduction to Minecraft’s Redstone. Check out the list of workshops here.

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