Ready-To-Print Files:

The following are links to one of our favorite “Makers” sites, Thingiverse.  All of these awesome (and free!) links are under the Creative Commons licenses, so feel free to pick any of the following files (again, for free!) and get them printed at MakersFactory:

Local Makers in Santa Cruz:

  • Makers at the MAH – a pilot program that invites visitors to connect with local artists, artisans, crafters and builders.
  • Fabrica – a community workspace where folks can come to learn and share knowledge about textiles arts.
  • Art duJour – a gallery and teaching studio offering art and educational curriculum tailored to a monthly theme.
  • Bike Church – where people of all skill levels learn, teach, and get their hands dirty working on bicycles.

Project Sharing:

  • Thingiverse – Digital Designs for Physical Objects.
  • Instructables – Makes, How To, and DIY.
  • MakeProjects – How-to Projects Library — Electronics, Arduino, Crafts, Solar, Robots. Build, hack, tweak, share, discover.
  • Flexible Stream – A source for free Design. Professional designers are offering samples of their skills for your convenience — free.
  • Kinect Hacks – Supporting the Kinect Hacking news and community.

Open Source 3D Printing:

  • RepRap – A low cost open source rapid prototyping system that is capable of producing its own parts and can therefore be replicated easily.
  • open3dp – Open 3D Printing: an open 3D printing forum
  • rpsculpt – Sculpture through Rapid Prototyping
  • MakerBot – An open source robot that helps people make robots that make things.
  • MakerGear – Products and services for maker community with focus on advancing digital fabrication.


  • Arduino – Open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.
  • Wiring – Open source electronics prototyping platform composed of a programming environment (IDE), an electronics prototyping board, and documentation.
  • Solarbotics – Home of a thriving BEAM robotics community.

Service Bureaus:

  • Ponoko – Digital making system where you can Make, Share, Sell, Buy online.
  • Shapeways – Personalized products FOR you and BY you.

Blogs & Publications: