MakersFactory’s equipment is carefully selected to provide the maximum of creative freedom with the minimum of technical knowledge. After a short training course members and students can have access to the following:

  • An open source MakerBot “Cupcake” which uses extruded plastic to build 3D forms in the same way that toothpaste is squeezed out of a tube. This simple home built printer is excellent for teaching the principles of 3D printing and open source hardware.
  • The Ultimaker, another open source extrusion printer like the “Cupcake”.
  • PP3DP from China that also extrudes plastic but in a more accurate and professional form. The tough ABS plastic this uses creates strong working components for mechanical prototypes. Chris Yonge uses this to build mechanisms using the 3D program Rhinoceros.
  • Z-Corporation 310 powder printer which is being used with open source powder and binders to create very inexpensive sculptural forms. These can be strengthened and made weather proof to create furniture, sculpture, tiles, and molds for castings.
  • A Roland GX-24 computer controlled knife. Often used to create self-adhesive vinyl signs for store windows and vehicle graphics, the GX-24 can also cut paper and thin plastic sheet into accurate and repeatable shapes. The machine recognizes calibration marks and will cut out printed graphics on paper and vinyl.
  • An Epilog laser cutter and engraving machine. This will cut thin plywood, acrylic sheet, and card; it will also engrave wood and glass.
  • An Epson Stylus Pro 4800 eight-color 17” wide printer.
  • A Z-Corporation model 650 full color powder printer.
  • A NextEngine 3D laser scanner.
  • Workstations with leading commercial and open source software including Blender, SketchUp, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, and Rhinoceros.
  • A DVD duplication station.