Introducing our new Engaging Technology in Education Meetup

October 15, 2013

Day: October 16th is our first Kick-off meeting
Place: MakersFactory space in downtown Santa Cruz, 877 Cedar Street, Suite #122
Time: 6:30-8pm
Cost: FREE! Includes light supper!
Sign-Up: Email to reserve your spot today. Space is limited.

The Engaging Technology in Education meetup is a forum to bring local Santa Cruz County educators together to discuss technology in education, and not just how to use technology in education, but use it effectively, putting it to work in ways that enriches the learning process through unique and powerful experiences.

Started by the MakersFactory in downtown Santa Cruz, we’re looking to connect with administrators, teachers, home school parents, researchers and enrichment coordinators from private and public institutions, big and small. We hope that by bringing together a diverse group of educators we’ll be able to share technological challenges, needs and experiences; find better resources for classrooms; develop best practices and make our local educational offerings more powerful and compelling through the intelligent implementation of computers, hands-on activities, games, maker inventions and modern manufacturing practices (like 3D printing).

Topics will include: “The Gamification of Education”, “Flipping Classrooms”, “Publishing Student Work”, “Setting up a Fab Lab at Your School”, and “How to Integrate Multimedia Sources to Support the Common Core” and much more!

Why is MakersFactory hosting an educational meet up?

Since its formation two years ago, MakersFactory has been at the forefront of technological innovations, bringing 3D printing, laser cutting, animation, 3D scanning, 2D design, 3D modeling and rapid prototyping to Santa Cruz county. With such advanced machinery, however, came the need for educational offerings to teach the public how to operate the new equipment. We quickly discovered that one of the most receptive audiences happened to be students aged 8-12 so we changed our business model and began a quest to discover the best hands-on, interactive, fun and educational lessons to bring to our camps, classes and workshops.

Word spread about our robotics, electronics, programming, animation, modeling and game-making classes and soon various schools were contacting us about bringing enrichment programs to their sites. We began these partnerships to meet immediate educational demands but also wanted the opportunity to step back and discover together a comprehensive vision to unify our community and meet the rigorous demands of the 21st century. We think this gathering can help us accomplish that goal. Together we can learn from each other’s mistakes and successes and be more agile in meeting the educational needs of all our students. If you share our passion, join us for some cutting-edge brainstorming at the Engaging Technology in Education Meetup, every third¬†Wednesday¬†of the month.

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