Get ready for Halloween: paper cut masks, wigs, jewelry!

October 5, 2011

Get ready for Halloween! Check out the paper cut animals masks, jewelry, and wigs. Elegant and fun. Some of these look like they were made with the help of a CNC paper cutting machine… You can use one in MakersFactory starting November. View more at paper-cut-project and at’s blog. Here is 3D printed jewelry for those with […]

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Seamless Wear of the Future

September 25, 2011

Interesting video of laser cut clothing without buttons or zippers. Don’t even need a sewing machine. Remember, runway clothing isn’t always intended to actually be worn by real people.

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NY Times: A Machine That Gives Shape to Your Ideas

September 15, 2011

[From The New York Times, September 14, 2011, Personal Tech] The MakerBot 3-D printer offers the possibility of manufacturing products in the home almost as easily as printing a document with an inkjet printer. The company’s Thing-O-Matic machine moves in three dimensions to spray layers of colored plastic to form objects, some quite intricate. Do-it-yourselfers […]

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Future of Construction Process: 3D Concrete Printing

September 6, 2011

Concrete Printing Process developed at Loughborough University in the UK is capable of producing building components with a degree of customisation that has not yet been seen. It could create a new era of architecture that is adapted to the environment and fully integrated with engineering function.    

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Dale Dougherty’s TED talk: We are makers

September 1, 2011

America was built by makers — curious, enthusiastic amateur inventors whose tinkering habit sparked whole new industries. At TED@MotorCity, MAKE magazine publisher Dale Dougherty says we’re all makers at heart, and shows cool new tools to tinker with, like Arduinos, affordable 3D printers, even DIY satellites.

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The Latest from Makers…

August 30, 2011

MakersFactory co-founder Chris Yonge built a desktop 3D printer from a $600 kit to demonstrate the accessibility of open source hardware to the Meetup group of which he and Dave Britton are organizers. The MakerBot Cupcake, shipped as what Chris calls “a box of bits,” took him three days to build, and turns a computer […]

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Makers Featured in Santa Cruz Sentinel

August 30, 2011

Read Tina Baine’s blog The Maker Revolution revs up in Santa Cruz as new MakersFactory plans to open in October 2011 Originally published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 30, 2011 Let’s say you have an idea for a product, maybe even one that will enhance or improve people’s lives: a remote-controlled lawnmower for the […]

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How a new manufacturing technology will change the world

August 29, 2011

THE industrial revolution of the late 18th century made possible the mass production of goods, thereby creating economies of scale which changed the economy—and society—in ways that nobody could have imagined at the time. Now a new manufacturing technology has emerged which does the opposite. Three-dimensional printing makes it as cheap to create single items […]

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First project with UCSC

August 20, 2011
Thumbnail image for First project with UCSC

MakersFactory is delighted to announce its first collaboration with the University of California, Santa Cruz. This is a research project with Professor Jennifer Parker and OpenLab into 3D visualization of astronomical phenomena. The original research was done by Erik Asphaug, a planetary scientist in UCSC.

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Show and Tell Meetup August 12

August 4, 2011

Makers Show and Tell Meetup Friday, August 12, 2011 at 6 p.m. Cruzio and Ecology Action Green Building 877 Cedar Street Santa Cruz, CA Chris Yonge, CEO MakersFactory Introducing ‘MakersFactory’ Show and Tell at 6:00 PM MakersFactory LLC is a new Santa Cruz resource for those converting bits to atoms and ideas to production. Members […]

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