21st Century Curriculum

We develop project-based, CCSS cross-curricular lessons that use innovative and exciting technologies and teach 21st Century concepts and skills including:

  • design process – ideating, prototyping, iterating
  • engineering
  • 3D visualization and modeling
  • programming
  • computing
  • robotics
  • electronics
  • game design
  • game-based-learning

Our lessons engage students in learning and therefore better understand, develop and communicate complex forms and processes in all subject areas, especially the fields of STEM and design. Using the problem solving and design processes used in Fab Lab and Game-Based Learning develops proficiency in Next Generation Science Standards.

For a complete overview of our lessons and the skills they teach, download the Makers 3D Learning Platform Curriculum

Fab Lab Lessons – Lesson Packages coming soon

Game-Based-Learning Lessons

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