Spring Break Minecraft Camps 2014

spring-minecraft-posterwebNew for Spring Break: The Spring Break Camp takes place on MakersFactory’s private online Minecraft server; visit here to learn more about our online server and its features, including:

  • Protection with WorldGuard! Keep unauthorized players from touching your things!
  • Quests and NPCs! Do daily quests for rewards and explore to find towns and hidden places!
  • Arena PvP! Join organized PvP battles and win prizes!

If you have a good time during the camp, and you want to keep playing online with the friends you’ve made, subscribe to the server once the camp ends and you can keep your items and creations! 

For ages 9-12.

Special for this camp! Sign up for the whole week morning or afternoon for just $225! Email info@makersfactory.com to pull your spot!

Camp Time
Registration Link
March 31st, 9am-12pm$55.009-12Register Here
March 31st 1pm-4pm$55.009-12Register Here
April 1st 9am-12pm$55.009-12Register Here
April 1st 1pm-4pm$55.009-12Register Here
April 2nd 9am-12pm$55.009-12Register Here
April 2nd 1pm-4pm$55.009-12Register Here
April 3rd 9am-12pm$55.009-12Register Here
April 3rd 1pm-4pm$55.009-12Register Here
April 4th 9am-12pm$55.009-12Register Here
April 4th 1pm-4pm$55.009-12Register Here