Minecraft Online: Volunteer Moderators

Application / Requirements

Volunteer moderators volunteer to dedicate a certain amount of time to maintaining, policing, and securing the MakersFactory Minecraft server.

Applicants must be between 12 – 18 years old, and veterans of Minecraft, familiar with a majority of the game’s mechanics. Applicants must have experience playing on online Minecraft servers. No prior moderator experience is required. Applicants must also be comfortable issuing console commands.

Applicants must schedule an appointment to visit the MakersFactory office to familiarize themselves with the staff administrators (“admins”) and learn the details of the position. A parent / legal guardian must be present to agree to the terms.

Volunteer moderators choose to dedicate anywhere from 4 – 12 hours per week of their time (scheduled during regular server uptime), during which they are responsible for performing their moderator duties. Their parents / legal guardians must remain informed and included in the process of scheduling of their volunteered time. They must schedule their time at least a week in advance and inform MakersFactory if their schedule changes.

In return for their volunteered time, moderators will receive 3D printed trophies/badges commemorating their service! We can even work with your school to issue Community Service hours for your efforts.

Responsibilities and Behavior

Enforcing the Code of Conduct:

Moderators must be familiar with the Code of Conduct for members. Moderators are responsible for enforcing this code, including:

  • Warning members when they violate the code
  • Alerting admins about repeat offenders
  • Mediating conflicts

Moderator Code of Conduct:

While on duty, moderators are responsible for holding themselves to a standard of professionalism, courtesy, and fairness. This includes:

  • Remaining impartial and unbiased during conflict mediation:
    • Moderators, acting as conflict mediators, ought to act on facts and certainties rather than opinion and rumors.
    • A moderator ought only to issue punishments and reparations based on what they know and have observed.
    • A moderator does not hold grudges or have favorites while they are on duty.
  • Issuing punishment and reparations fairly and equitably:
    • Moderators enforce the Member Code of Conduct consistently and fairly, without giving preference to any given members.
    • A moderator consults their own prior experience, as well as previous rulings made by other moderators and admins, when determining the severity of punishment or the magnitude of reparations.
    • A moderator ought not to issue punishments or reparations without sufficient justification.
  • Being approachable and friendly towards members:
    • Moderators do their best to remain online and approachable during their scheduled time, and inform admins (in advance, if possible) if they will be unable to be online when they are expected.
    • Moderators do their best to respond to members requests and reports promptly and in a friendly manner. MFY understands that moderators may be swamped with requests, possibly of a trivial nature, but expects moderators to handle these requests fairly and professionally.
    • Rudeness towards members is completely unacceptable.

Duties and Capabilities

Moderators are able to receive incident reports and messages from members, alerting them to a potential infraction of the Code of Conduct or to a conflict in need of mediation.

Moderators are given elevated permissions, including access to server commands which members are restricted from using. It is critical that these additional capabilities are not abused or used for personal gain. While a moderator is on-duty, their elevated permissions are intended to be used only in the execution of their duties. Abuse of moderator powers will not be tolerated.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you’d like to apply for the position of Volunteer Moderator, send an email to mcinfo@makersfactory.com. Include your name, your email address, the email address of a parent/guardian, and your answers to these two questions:

    1. Why do you want to be a Volunteer Moderator?
    2. Why do you believe you would do a good job as Volunteer Moderator?

If we think you’d be a good fit for MakersCraft Online, we’ll contact you and your parent/guardian to schedule at time for you to come in for a short training session.