Minecraft Online: Code of Conduct

To ensure that all members are able to enjoy their online experience safely and freely, MFY has established a Code of Conduct which all members (and moderators) are expected to follow.


Members agree to not use foul or offensive language. This includes swearing, racist or sexist remarks, or any other form of discrimination.

Harmful Behavior

Members agree to not engage in behavior which interferes with other players’ enjoyment of the game. This includes:

  • Griefing:
    • Disturbing other player’s property or items without their permission, including:
    • Breaking or placing blocks on other player’s property
    • Stealing items from chests owned by other players
    • Entering other player’s houses uninvited
  • Public Nuisance
    • Creating “traps” or placing dangerous blocks (fire, lava, etc.) in public property
    • “Spamming” the chat with repetitive or unwanted messages
  • Harassment
    • Killing a player, even indirectly, outside of designated PvP areas.
    • Following, sending /tell messages, or otherwise harassing another player after they have asked you to stop

Server Abuse / Hacking

Attempting to gain unauthorized access to the server, otherwise restricted console commands, or using third-party tools to “hack” elevated privileges or unauthorized abilities will result in a citation. This also includes:

  • Item duplication glitches
  • Modded clients
  • Other glitches and exploits


  • All violations of this code of conduct will result in a warning to the appropriate parties. Repeat offenses will result in a warning and a message to the member’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
  • MakersFactory reserves the right to temporarily “ban” members when they seriously violate the member Code of Conduct, preventing them from accessing the server until their ban expires. The context and duration of the ban is left to the discretion of the moderators, and may range from one hour to one week. Time spent “banned” will NOT be refunded.
  • MakersFactory reserves the right to permanently “ban” usernames when a user flagrantly or repeatedly violates the member Code of Conduct. Members which have been permanently banned will NOT be refunded for the remainder of their current subscription.

MakersFactory staff administrators and MakersFactory-designated volunteer moderators have the authority to issue warnings and bans as they deem necessary. Members retain the right to appeal the judgement of staff administrators and volunteer moderators if they feel that they have been unjustly treated. Appeals can be sent to mconline@makersfactory.com.