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MakersFactory Minecraft Online

MakersFactory now has a dedicated online Minecraft server! Sign up now to get the full MakersFactory Minecraft experience, online!


Safe, Secure, and Fun

MakersFactory strives to make its Minecraft camps and clubs safe and fun for everyone. The Internet can be a scary place, but the MakersFactory Minecraft server is a safe haven for players to kick back and work together in a constructive, friendly, tolerant, and private environment:

  • The server is open for members only, so that nobody is a stranger
  • Members agree to a Code of Conduct that prohibits harmful gameplay and inappropriate behavior
  • MakersFactory staff administrators will be online regularly to keep everything running smoothly
  • The server is moderated by peers (age 12 – 18) who dedicate their time to keeping everyone safe and happy

Subscribe Now!

Regular subscription to the MakersFactory Minecraft server is closed; see Early Bird Access, below.

Subscription Period

Cost per Month

1 month $15
3 months $13
6 months $11
12 months $10


For information about membership terms and conditions, as well as registration information, click here!

Early Bird Access

MakersFactory is offering subscriptions to their Minecraft server at a reduced rate of $10 / month during a special Early Bird period!

For more info, click here!

Sign Up as a Volunteer Moderator!

MakersFactory is looking for experienced Minecraft players to help out by volunteering their time as moderators. For more information about terms and conditions, click here!