Kids Clubs

All camp material, curriculum and guidelines are subject to change at any time. Some clubs may require a laptop. Refunds can be made up to a week in advance.

Refunds may be given at MFY’s discretion if a club is not full. If you are signing up an hour before the club the eventbrite link will be closed. Please bring check, card  exact cash to our office.

Questions?: Send email to

Makers Club is an afterschool program designed for kids and teens to work togther on a long term collaborative project. We encourage team work as well as self-directed projects.


Spring Quarter

Game Design Club

Like movie making, game design involves a lot of complicated processes, from programming the environment and character abilities to inventing the levels and point systems. These parts of game design and more will be covered in this 8 week course, using the game design software GameMaker. Participants will have the chance to work in a small group setting to discover more about the fascinating world of gaming. Participants will receive with both an editable GameMaker file and an executable file of their game to send to their friends.
Ages: 9-12
Time: Tuesdays, September 10th 2013 – May 20th 2014, 3:15pm-4:45pm
Price: per month.

Registration Coming Soon!Registration occurs on a rolling enrollment basis. Please feel free to join anytime during the year!




Minecraft Club

Take your minecrafting to the next level with MakersFactory Minecraft Club! Plan and design massive constructions, build elaborate Redstone contraptions, work as a team and build a world all your own. The Minecraft club is entirely student-led so each class will be completely different as students decide collaboratively how and what to create each time. Instructors will facilitate organization and operate as “GMs” to make sure each student’s ideas can be fully realized in the Minecraft world. Over the eight weeks of the course, students will transform an ordinary Minecraft  landscape… but into what? Sign up and find out! PLEASE NOTE: Students are required to bring their own laptop with Minecraft installed and a valid Minecraft account set up. For students who use desktops we have FOUR makersfactory laptops available to reserve on a first come first serve basis. 4/4 available.
Ages: 9-12
Time: Every Thursday, April 18th – May 30th, 3:15pm-4:45pm
Price: $120 every four weeks (eight week session)