Jan 22, 2013
Blender Arts Magazine

The last few years have seen a remarkable change in the ability to create and produce computer generated 3D forms. Not only has open source software such as Blender become farmore usable and reliable but commercial companies have jumped into the mix with high quality free programs such as Google’s SketchUp, Pixologic’s Sculptris, and Autodesk’s 123D. Read More…

May 3, 2012
Growing Up In Santa Cruz
The Maker Revolution: At a Home Near You

A strange thing has been happening around the country in a time when families are getting sucked deeper into consumerism.. Read more… 

March 30, 2012
Santa Cruz Sentinel:
Santa Cruz becoming hot spot for tech

An Apple advertisement showing a man in winter clothes asking his iPhone, “What’s the best way to Santa Cruz, California?” was probably meant to conjure visions of an idyllic beach destination – not a place where iPhone apps are made. Read more… 

March 20, 2012
Why 3D Printing Matters

This would be tastier if it were printing in chocolate rather than plastic. Photo by Chip Scheuer.

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, crew members use a machine known as the replicator to make replacement parts for the ship, prepare food and fix Captain Picard’s usual: “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” Creating something out of nothing, the replicator is, sadly, pure science fiction. But using a newly emerging technology, we can design a wrench, a toy, a bike or a flying monkey, and with a click of the mouse, create it. Read more…

March 20, 2012
How 3D Printing Works

When describing the actual 3D printing process, a good analogy to use is that of an inkjet printer, which takes information and prints it onto paper, in two dimensions, line by line, from the top down. In a similar fashion, 3D printers take information and print it, in three dimensions, layer by layer, from the bottom up. Read more…

March 7, 2012
Santa Cruz Patch:
MakersFactory is A Cut Above the Rest

You want a sign that the future is here? In the old days, you went to a storefront and made pottery or scrapbooks. Now, at Santa Cruz’s MakersFactory you build robots or 3D animation. The MakersFactory in the old Sentinel building at 877 Cedar St. has slowly made a name for itself since arriving last year in October by giving people of all ages the chance to learn 3D printing, animation, modeling, and robotics. Read more…

February 16, 2012
KUSP Reports:
New Business Hopes to Capitalize on Makers Movement

Chris Yonge is revving up the laser cutter for a demonstration at the MakersFactory in Santa Cruz. He’s standing in front of a small crowd of curious onlookers. They’re eager to catch a glimpse of the machine in action. The laser cutter jolts into motion. Its mechanical arm has a fiery tip that burns a path through a piece of cardboard. Letter by letter, it outlines a single word: Sharks. Read more…

November 26, 2011
San Jose Mercury News: MakersFactory in Santa Cruz gears up for holidays with new 3D printer

This holiday weekend, window-peepers will have something new to ogle: MakersFactory will enveil its latest high-tech piece of model-making machinery: a Z Corp. 650 3-D printer. But the Z650 doesn’t just print images of objects onto paper: it actually creates them. Read more…

November 26, 2011
Santa Cruz Sentinel:
MakersFactory in Santa Cruz gears up for holidays with new 3D printer

Santa Cruz’s MakersFactory cranked up its classes this month and lasers, robots and 3-D printers are all on the upcoming agenda. The MakersFactory – a new 800-square-foot downtown workspace loaded with do-it-yourself building equipment – offers classes, tools and space to experiment in. It’s open to inventors, designers, craftsmen and people just curious to peek in and check things out. “We’ve been amazed at the enthusiastic reception,” said co-founder Chris Yonge. “We have artists, we have professionals, we have parents bringing kids, and we have people who are fascinated by technology.” Read more…

November 10, 2011
From Cruzio: MakersFactory Moving at the Speed of Light 

The MakersFactory (MFY) is adding so much equipment and so many new classes, we can barely keep up. We’ve listed a lot of classes in this newsletter but their website is the best place to look. Why is MFY and “making” or “DIY” (do it yourself) in general, so important? (There’s also a popular Maker Faire, Make Magazine, and Makers at the downtown Farmers Market.) Why is MFY selling out classes and getting so much press, even nationally? Maybe it’s the economy — more people are seeing a need, and an opportunity, to start something new. Maybe it’s the culture of Santa Cruz — creative, self-motivated, hands-on. Maybe it’s the new technology which makes desktop manufacture and assembly the next wave (as desktop publishing was in the 90′s). Read more…

July 30, 2011
Tina Baine, DIY, Santa Cruz Sentinel: Turning consumers into creators — MakersFactory soon to open in Santa Cruz

Chris Yonge and Dave Britton will be leading the way to the maker revolution in Santa Cruz. They hope to open the doors to the first phase of their MakersFactory — an 800-square-foot space in the Cruzio building in downtown Santa Cruz — in October. The emphasis will be on learning the basics of DIY fabrication, by providing classes, software, hardware and workspace for members and the community. Read more