Q: What is MakersFactory?

A: Here at MakersFactory we can design, prototype, and manufacture a wide variety of items, from simple 3D objects to complex mechanical/electronic products.

Q: What software will be available?

A: Featured software will include Blender, SketchUp, Gimp, OpenOffice, and Google Earth. Commercial applications such as Rhinoceros, SolidWorks, 3D Studio Max, and Adobe’s Creative Suite will also be available.

Q: What equipment will be available?

A: MakersFactory’s equipment is listed here.

Q: What do the machine time and materials cost?

A: See machine and materials prices here.

Q: Who can be part of the MakersFactory community?

A: Students, learners, and makers of all ages, including:

  • Creative professionals developing products from their ideas.
  • Artists exploring new media and materials.
  • People adding to their skill set for job or project hunting purposes.
  • Parents and children wanting to learn animation, electronics, and CAD.
  • Innovators needing prototypes and/or short batch runs of production items for test marketing.
  • Local businesses looking for rapid prototyping of articles.
  • Schools and colleges seeking outside facilities to enhance their courses.
  • Hobbyists making pieces for models.
  • Inventors building special parts for prototypes and electronics for control systems.
  • Architects creating fast, accurate 3D models of buildings.
  • Local planners learning SketchUp and Google Earth.
  • Film makers creating animations and special effects.
  • Individuals moving away from commercial software products to fast evolving open source alternatives. And every combination and permutation of the above

Q: What classes does MakersFactory provide?

A: KidsCamps (ages 9-12), Clubs (ages 9-12 and ages 13-17), Adult Classes (ages 13 and up) and Homeschool Classes (no age restriction).

Q: What is MakersCAMP for kids?

A: We hold special camps for kids. Learn more here.

Q: Who started MakersFactory?

A: The founders are Chris Yonge and Dave Britton.

Q: How can I stay in touch with MakersFactory?

A: Sign up to be on our mailing list (bottom of website pages), join our Meetup Group and attend Meetups, Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, register for classes, and visit us for special events.

Q: May I purchase a Gift Certificate for someone else to take a class or course?

A. Purchase Gift Certificates here. These are good until 12/31/2013. Please tell the recipient that when they’re ready to redeem it for one of our classes or courses, they should send email to info@makersfactory.com specifying this information (and be sure to bring the certificate to the class and hand it over to the instructor):

  • student’s name
  • student’s email address
  • student’s phone #
  • class or course name, date, time.

Q: I’ve heard about MakersFactory and I’d like to learn more.

A: Yes, please come by for a tour, generally we are open from 9am-5pm.

Q: What is Additive Manufacturing or “AM”?

A: Additive Manufacturing or “AM” produces objects by successive melting of layers of material rather than removing material, as is the case with conventional machining. In Additive Manufacturing, each layer is melted to the exact geometry defined by a 3D CAD model. AM allows for building parts with very complex geometries without any sort of tools or fixtures, and without producing any waste material.

Q: Could I hire somebody at MakersFactory to do some custom work for me?

A: Yes! Please send email to info@makersfactory.com and describe what you’re looking for.