Dave Britton, President

Dave Britton’s forty-year career in establishing and growing high-tech organizations has given him the expertise to explore unchartered territory and develop innovative products. After founding two successful companies that built the world’s first commercial Winchester disk drive and then the world’s first Relational Database Machine, Britton realized the vast potential of 3D printing and has assembled a team to build a suite of products and tools to revolutionize education. “Our goal is to deliver 3D learning everywhere. Whether you start with game-based learning or 3D fabrication, our platform gives students the ability to understand complex visuospatial concepts in a way never before demonstrated.” Through the MakersFactory, Britton is also helping to build an EdTech Ecosystem of business partners, school systems, universities, research centers and non-profit organizations working together to promote advanced education for all students. Read Britton’s full bio on LinkedIn.

Jim Abendschan, CFO

Jim Abendschan joined MakersFactory in January 2012. He brings 40 years of general management and technical marketing to our start-up. His focus is on expanding MakersFactory’s 3D printing technology to architectural and industrial community. His technical background is in electro-optical devices, electronic displays and powder metal technologies. Before retiring in 2009, he was president & CEO of a local electronic-materials technology company.

Joe Allington, Teacher & Technician

Joe Allington began working at MakersFactory in February 2012, and graduated from UC Santa Cruz in Spring 2013 with a major in Computer Science: Game Design. Joe gets to try something different every day, with core roles including designer, teacher, optimist, and technician. Joe specializes in two-dimensional design with Adobe Illustrator, three-dimensional design with Blender/Rhinoceros, and alternate-dimensional design with Pathfinder. In his spare time, Joe finds answers.

Krissie Olson, Educator and Public Relations

Krissie Olson comes to MFY with a background in education, design and marketing for tech companies. Formerly working as a credentialed teacher in local classrooms and computer labs, she currently leads kidscamps, home school courses and adult classes at MakersFactory. Shew as a graphic and interior designer for the recently renovated Sentinel building working for Cruzio Internet and now coordinates marketing efforts and performs outreach at MFY. She applies the full variety and breadth of her work experience at the MakersFactory and is building a community of inventive, bright, and creative individuals that will lead us straight into the future.