ETE Meetup

ETE_LOGOMakersFactory is an educational maker space in downtown Santa Cruz, CA, where students of all ages learn and use exciting new technology for 3D printing, modeling, animation, robotics and video games. MakersFactory started the Engaging Technology for Education to bring together local educators with a desire to integrate modern technological practices into their home school program, classroom, school and local community.



You’ve heard about 3D printing in the news or perhaps you’ve seen beautiful laser cut jewelry and housewares on Etsy but have you thought how these technologies might be integrated into your own Science, Math even History curriculum? Enter the Fab Lab, today’s equivalent to the wood shops of yore, where students get the chance to model complex processes, engineer scientific models and get their hands on multi-faceted projects that blend mechanical engineering, electronics, and programming. These Fab Labs are truly engaging students in learning meant for the 21st century.

At the next Engaging Technology in Education Meetup on January 15th in downtown Santa Cruz, you’ll get a chance to hear about the “why and how” some local schools and institutions have set up their own Fab Lab. Join us for an evening with advice and support from the folks who’ve been through the process and are eager to share their successes and challenges.

Join us Wednesday January 15 at 6:30  for a panel discussion on about the “why and how” some local schools and institutions have set up their own Fab Lab.

• John Gaston from Gateway School will share the story of their Discovery Center.
• Gary Marcoccia from Cabrillo College will explain and share their Engineering Technology Program.
• Andy Stoller from the MakersFactory will discuss how the manufacturing process is correlated to the iterative creative process students need to meet future challenges.

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, after school enrichment program provider, home school parent, administrator, researcher, or gamer, join us for an enlightened evening discussing how games are changing the future of education. Register here.