Having held many successful Minecraft camps and seen first-hand the collaborative, creative, immersive, engaging power of game-based learning, MakersFactory has launched MakersEd , a set of services dedicated to creating and managing the systems needed to effectively teach Minecraft in a classroom environment.

MakersEd services are divided into three categories:

  1. Teacher Training: Our experienced, tech-savvy educators will show teachers how to set up and run lesson plans using MinecraftEdu, a modified version of the game with a user-friendly Server Program interface and a range of teaching tools for managing the class on-the-fly. We’ll also teach the tools and techniques needed for teachers to be able to craft their own lesson plans.
  2. IT Support: Not sure if your school’s computer lab has the right hardware to run a Minecraft system? Our technicians will work with your school’s IT department to help plan and install any hardware or software needed to get your educational Minecraft worlds up and running. Plus, MakersEd technicians will be available for troubleshooting any tech problems post-setup.
  3. Lesson Plans: MakersEd offers design services for creating customized lesson plans, complete with lesson outline, worksheets, print-outs, and (of course) a complete Minecraft world file where the lesson can take place. We’ll also be offering pre-constructed lesson plans on a range of subjects, tested in our own Minecraft camps and workshops.

For more information, check out the MakersEd website at MakersEd!8530