New Facility for Santa Cruz

July 15, 2011

Santa Cruz is filled with creative professionals whose enthusiasm for innovation goes far beyond their work. It is home to the University of California at Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College, and many other organizations fostering learning and collaboration. Over the last few years these have become a rich entrepreneurial infrastructure. But one piece has been missing – until now. The increasing accessibility of 3D printing and open source software/hardware means that individuals and small businesses can now not only design but also prototype, test market, and manufacture complex mechanical/electronic (mechatronic) products. However, this requires a facility equipped with computer controlled 2D and 3D fabrication equipment, in other words what MIT defines as a Fab Lab. Some of this is present in Santa Cruz but inaccessible to the public. Courses in 3D computer design also exist, yet are often expensive. From October 2011 MakersFactory will pioneer local access to this exciting new technology.  Download flyer

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