2D & 3D Open Source Design

Want to learn photoshop, illustrator, and 3D animation skills but not burn a hole in your student budget pocket? At MakersFactory, we are offering a week-long course in 2D/3D Design and Animation using open-source versions of these widely popular programs for high school and college students.


Having access to these tools, will not only give you some applicable computer and design skills, but give you some practical tools that can be used inside and outside the classroom. You will walk away with a tool that will be practical in virtually any industry and you are exercising higher-ordered thinking by visualizing and creating 3D or 2D objects on a 2D digital screen and then creating them for the physical world.

  • Inkscape, the open-source version of Adobe Illustrator, allows you to generate customizable vector images, posters, and any design you can imagine.
  • Gimp, the free alternative to Adobe Photoshop, allows you to edit, mesh, combine, and create any photo-based graphic you want.
  • Blender, a free 3D animation software, is the best way to get your feet wet in the animation game.

Use Inkscape to re-vamp napkin sketches into complex designs and patterns for art projects or posters, use Blender to make a class project come to life or create customized jewelry, figurines, scale models, or even dish ware, and use Gimp to edit images for your next presentation.

These free software programs out there, but at Makers Factory we will teach you how to use them and then take your designs from the computer and make them into tangible and physical products!

You no longer have to be the consumer, you get to be the creator! 

Please note: Students must bring their own laptops

Ages: 16+
Registration Coming Soon!